I'm a video maker and photographer based in London, UK. My journey in video production started around 7 years ago, first as a hobby by creating short travel video edits from my trips. It quickly evolved into a passion for visual storytelling and creating content for the internet. Already as a teenager, I was playing around with different cameras and learning the basics, making homemade family videos on DV tapes, coming up with funny ideas and experimenting with photography.
The crucial point came in 2017 after a trip to Greece, where I decided to take a step into freelancing and got my first job at a small start-up where I learned to use programs such as Premiere Pro and After Effects. Since then, I've worked on various projects, from creating media content for advertising screens and billboards, making video edits and photographs for private clients, working as an in-house video producer, and starting my content creator journey under the nickname “l_ogiq” creating passion projects. 
Now, as a hybrid shooter and editor with 5+ years experience in content creation, I'm looking forward to taking upon new challenges, especially, within the ever-changing creative environment, implementing new  innovative technologies such as AI to create new and amazing opportunities within the space in the near future.
For me, there's always something new to learn and to discover. If you're looking for a creative and skilled videographer/editor to bring your project to life or to collab with, let's connect!

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